about us

lorenc consulting was started in 2009 to fill what we then considered to be a gap in Google's product portfolio: 'Calendar synchronization for non smartphone devices'. While the smartphone segment takes more market shares for each day there are still many non smartphone devices out there. Most of these devices support the SyncML protocol for over-the-air data synchronization.

When lorenc consulting was started there was no free service and only one paid service available for syncing the Google calendar over SyncML. Today we have one competitor offering a free alternative but their service is nowhere near as generous as ours.

By working exclusively with open source products we have kept our costs at a minimum and can therefore offer very generous, paid as well as free, services to our customers. Today we have expanded our business by offering our services not only from our Swedish domain (syncme.se) but from our international domain (syncgcal.com) as well.


We currently offer our services from two parallel sources: syncme.se and syncgcal.com. Syncme.se is however only kept for historical reasons as this is where we started offering our service.

Our services offer GMail users to sync their calendars for free and with a minimal setup procedure. We do not even require our users to register as this is done automatically during the first synchronization.

Besides our very generous free service, which will fulfill most of our users needs, we also offer a paid version with some extra features. The most important paid feature is synchronization of multiple shared calendars.



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Please feel free to contact us if You have any questions or suggestions of any kind. We prefer if you contact us by mail, we usually answer the same day.